Link Lock-On

Link Lock Grips
The Link grip has been designed with DH and Gravity Enduro riding styles in mind. With races run during rain, hail or shine, these grips handle even the toughest of conditions. This grip boasts a ribbed pattern on the underside to prevent riders’ hands from slipping while descending at top speeds in wet slimy and muddy conditions. The strategic design of the Link grip reduces fatigue by allowing riders to maintain a relaxed hold while still keeping control of their bike in slippery terrain.


• Versatile mid size profile for many hand shapes
• Slim ergonomic shape for great trail feedback and comfort
• Gravity optimised design to suit dh and gravity-enduro
• Advanced super tacky rubber delivers superior slip free performance
• Great shock absorption properties to reduce hand fatigue
• Ribbed finger zone for anti slip in all weather
• Superior all weather grip from sandstorm to monsoon, this one has you covered
• Maximum trail feedback for improved trail surface perception and control
• Water proof stays dry in all riding conditions
• Single lock-on grip system is lightweight and secure
• Low twist/torque for technical trail control
• “Click-fit cap system” delivers simple, secure, light and safe end caps
• Two tone colourway

DIAMETER (mm) 31.5mm
GRIP / WITH LOCK-RING (mm) 121 / 130

Traction: Super Tacky

Conditions: Wet All Weather



JB Link Lock On Grips Black/Blue with Black Rings

JB Link Lock On Grips Light Blue/ Dark Blue with Black Rings

JB Link Lock On Grips Red/Dark Red with Black Rings

JB Link Lock On Grips Black/Yellow With Black Rings

JB Link Lock On Grips Charcoal/Black with Black Ring

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