Light & Motion Trail 1000 FC Urban Ranger (Olive/Black)

Code LM856-0648-A
Description Light & Motion Trail 1000 FC
Urban Ranger (Olive/Black)

URBAN 1000 FC Ranger

Powerful output, compact design, and robust engineering creates the perfect cord-free trail light. Penetrating spot beam provides ideal illumination for both helmet and handlebar setups with innovative mounting options including a versatile GoPro interface


• 1000 Lumen Output (FL-1 Certified) With CREE LED

• Custom Optics Optimized to Enhance Trail Definition 

• Waterproof Design Provides All-Weather Reliability

• Micro USB Rechargeable With Fast Charge Technology

• Quick Release Handlebar Mount and GoPro Interface


• Quick Release Handlebar Mount, Helmet mount, GoPro Mount, & Micro USB Charging Cable

GU Waffle, Hot Chocolate 16 Pack

Light & Motion Trail 1000 FC Urban Ranger (Olive/Black)

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