Weldtite eCare Maintenance Sprays - 5x150mL

Code W3907
Description Weldtite eCare Maintenance
Sprays - 5x150mL

All the essential products to maintain an eBike in one handy kit.


Connection Spray W3900 to keep electrical contacts functioning at peak efficiency.

Chain Degreaser W3901 to thoroughly clean down the drivetrain.

Foam Cleaner Spray W3902 to take care of dirty frames without the need for water.

Chain Lube Spray W3903 to re-lubricate the chain after cleaning.

Wax and Polish W3904 to protect the frame once cleaned.

WTB - Riddler 700C x 45 TCS Light FR Tyre (Tan Skinwall)

WTB - Horizon 650C x 47 TCS Road Plus Tyre

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